Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis, a lawyer by profession and is a member of the Maltese Social-democratic party. His political career began during his academic years where he occupied the post of President of the Labour Party’s youth branch for two consecutive years.

Dr. Zammit Lewis has been a member of the House of Representatives since the 2013 General Election, won by the Labour Party.  In March 2013 he was appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth.  He was subsequently appointed Minister for Tourism in April 2014, which post was occupied till June 2017.

Under Dr. Zammit Lewis’s tenure, the main objectives of the Ministry for Tourism was to ameliorate the Maltese tourism product, to further invest in human capital, and finally, to enhance the ever important airline connectivity to the Maltese Islands.

Hon Zammit Lewis is currently the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Public Appointments, Parliament of Malta. The Standing Committee has the power to conduct pre-appointment hearings of persons nominated for public appointments. The Standing Committee on Public Appointments was set up by way of Motion No. 103 approved in the House on 5 March 2018.

Dr. Zammit Lewis is married to Notary Public Dr. Elena Farrugia and has one daughter Lucia.